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Translated in Dutch by Joost Abrahams
Proofread by John de Lange

7.2. Individual Media List

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Author : David Bogert

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This is an index of pages devoted to all the various filter media in use in filters. Each article discusses each media type in depth:

7.2.1. Polyester Floss

7.2.2. Foam and Sponge

7.2.3. K1 Media

7.2.4. Perlite and Pumice

7.2.5. Aquarium Gravel

7.2.6. PP and EVA Pads

7.2.7. Bio Balls

7.2.8. Pot Scrubbers

7.2.9. Lava Rock

7.2.10. Growstone

7.2.11. Ceramic Media

7.2.12. Matrix

7.2.13. Clay Balls

7.2.14. BioHome