2. Aquarium indraaien

Er zijn letterlijk honderden manieren om een aquarium op een succesvolle manier "in te laten draaien". Ze kunnen allemaal worden toegepast. In dit artikel worden enkele methoden onderscheiden.

17. Aquarium vissen selectie

Selecting fish has become very controversial with the advent of social media and the many people who parrot a myth over and over again.

16. Aquarium algen

Algae are a problem for most fish keepers. The problem is that most “newbies” try to fight the algae and eliminate it from their aquarium.

15. Beplant aquarium

There are as many types of planted aquariums as there are hobbyists with planted aquariums.

11. Vis ziekten symptomen

Fish often just have a symptom and the hobbyist wants to know “what to do”. This section is to help in that sleuthing.

10. Ziekten

This is a listing of a series of article on the diseases of tropical fish.

9. Beluchting

Beluchting is essentieel voor het succes van elk aquarium,

7. Filter media

The media in an aquarium filter is the most important variable when setting up a filter.

6. Filtratie

Filtration is often misunderstood by those new to the hobby. They think filtration is only the removal of the particles in the water they can see, things like uneaten food and feces.

3. Visvoer

This is an article on deciding on the best fish food for freshwater aquarium fish.