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7.2.14. BioHome Filter Media

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Author : David Bogert

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BioHome does not work well and is hugely overpriced. Biohome does very poorly at ammonia removal and does NOT do ANY removal of nitrates.

Biohome is a VERY expensive type of ceramic aquarium filter media. It is NOT a good media. This ceramic media is heavily marketed by a YouTube guru called the “Pondguru” from the United Kingdom.  If I want a laugh, I watch this snake oil salesman’s videos.

The videos are all about how there is a very exact mix of sand, clay, sintered glass and “tiny amounts” of “special, very expensive, trace elements and minerals” that make the Biohome product capable of both doing huge amounts of aerobic oxidation of ammonia to nitrate AND doing anaerobic reduction of nitrates to nitrogen gas. LOL When pigs fly. BioHome does neither.

Placidochromis milomo VC10
Placidochromis milomo – VC10

Just think about the fact that aerobic (“with oxygen”) and anaerobic (“without oxygen”) are diametrical opposites. And oxidation and reduction are diametrical opposites. This media, according to the Pondguru, does great jobs with both processes in the same media. HHHhhhmmmmmm…..

It is fun to watch this snake oil salesman go on and on about “natural processes” and how his product has taken “years of research” to create a “tremendous product”. Don’t believe a single thing the Pondguru says. He is the originator and chief distributor of Biohome. He makes a HUGE profit on every single pound of Biohome sold.

Protomelas taeniolatius OB Red Empress
Protomelas taeniolatius OB – Red Empress

Biohome is a very cheap to manufacture media sold at ridiculous prices and generating ridiculous profit margins for the Pondguru. Biohome is not a good media for aerobic ammonia oxidation as shown by testing that is outlined in this article.

7.2.11. Ceramic Media

Biohome also does not do any anaerobic decomposition of nitrate to nitrogen gas, again proven by actual controlled testing. We prove this anaerobic claim to be pure marketing hype by controlled testing in this link:

7.5. Test of Denitrifying Media